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Can you fail? / Minimal effort

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Hey there,


after I had started the game when it came out a year ago, I didn't enjoy it too much and just want to get through with it and not go for the platinum alongside with it.


Is there anything which can make you fail the game and not reach chapter 6?

Or would it be fine just to have like two animals, plant a few things to have food, get the automatic wife and so on - without befriending all villagers and working towards the grindy trophies.

I would like just to spend about three-five real minutes per day and continue like that to the end of the game (I know, it's lazy..)

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Three things:



1. Say no to your dad's friend at the beginning of the game when he asks you if you want to run the farm.

2. Not get married at the end of chapter 1

3. In Chapter 2, if your wife expresses concern about shipments and you say you don't care, she'll take your kid and leave. Game over.



However, I think you really have to be actively trying for the third one. The game gives you a wife at the end of the first chapter if you don't do it yourself (you can still say no, but game over). First one is funny to watch once.

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45 minutes ago, dalailama1989 said:


Thanks for replying :)


So it seems that it is very hard to fail at all, I assume.

So as long as I agree to marry and be positive to her, I'm fine to rush through the story? :)

Yeah. You can influence your kid's future career, but it only is a small change to the ending and there's no trophy involved...they could've done more. Oh, well.

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