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PVP Issues "No Players Found"


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It's so frustrating because they're net even that hard. Even if you suck you can get 5 kills to 30 deaths and still get the trophy in like an hour no matter how bad you are. So that makes it so much more frustrating, just those 3 trophies holding me back from getting a platinum.

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Matchmaking is broken since one or two weeks--at least for some countries. Confirmed by Ubisoft (via https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1870157-Watch-Dogs-2-multiplayer-on-PS4-doesn-t-work-as-intended-since-12-04-2018-noon?p=13449105&viewfull=1#post13449105):



Hello **********,

My name is Talia and we have spoken on the phone earlier regarding the matchmaking problems you have encountered when trying to connect to multiplayer features.
Thank you for providing the additional information and sorry to have kept you waiting.
I have now spoken to the appropriate team and we have ran some tests which have confirmed the matchmaking issues you have described.
As such, the case has now been raised with the dev team who will be looking into resolving these problems.
Once an update regarding this issue is available, I will be happy to provide it via this Support case.
Should you have any other concerns or queries in the meantime, please do not hesitate to get back in touch.

Thank you,
Ubisoft Customer Support

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Sorry for the bump, but it's happening to me when I put a bounty on my head.


I can join co-op or go after targets just fine, I just can't get ppl to hunt me.


Edit: I was able to find a player after resetting the game and searching for bounty hunters as soon as I spawned.

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