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Rainbow skies release date getting closer. Trophy list revealed


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Had an email from rainbow skies team. 



First of all, we are extremely excited and happy to let you know that we have finally completed the development on Rainbow Skies and sent the first builds off to QA earlier this week. While we are writing this blog post, the PS4 and PS Vita versions are being tested for platform compliance. The PS3 version still needs a little bit of extra work and is expected to be ready in early May.

A big thanks to all our fans and supporters that have stood by us and believed in us during the last couple of months and years. Once all versions of Rainbow Skies have passed QA (there are a total of 8 versions!), we hope to share a release date with you very soon. In the meantime, don't forget that you can support us by pre-ordering a physical copy of Rainbow Skies at Play-Asia.com. (Yay!)

To sweeten your waiting time, we would like to let you take a look at the game's trophies and talk about Rainbow Skies' in-game awards system.

A total of 42 awards can be tracked and unlocked in the game, ranging from story progression, to the number of Rainbow Coins spent at the healer, monsters hatched, buried treasures found, monsters defeated, and a lot more...

Most of the in-game awards are divided into multiple levels and a progress bar indicates your current progress until the next level. A notification is displayed in-game whenever you have completed one of the award steps in the game. A trophy is linked to each of the awards. To make things interesting and balanced for trophy hunters, trophies are awarded upon completion of different award levels.

For example, to obtain the Item Specialist trophy, your weapons or equipment need to be upgraded by using them in battle 15 times, which is just the first level in the awards system. Other trophies require more work. To obtain the Bodybuilder trophy, award level 4 needs to be completed, which means a damage of 100,000+ has to be caused with any attack.

We've tried to distribute the trophies in a fair way, so that they will be evenly unlocked during your journey. Once all trophies have been unlocked, you will be awarded the Rainbow Skies Winner Team platinum trophy. It will depend on your play style how long it takes to unlock. Rest assured, there are no missable trophies in the game.

Make sure to tweet us all your platinum trophy achievements. It's something we are really looking forward to. :)

Nuff said, head over to our blog for a look at all the trophies and award levels in the game.

Last but not least, please keep in mind that the Asian release (digital/physical) contains a separate/stackable trophy list. If you are a trophy hunter, you can platinum Rainbow Skies a maximum of two times by purchasing a digital US/EU copy (any platform) and a physical (or digital) Asian copy. The physical release is available at Play-Asia.com as long as supplies last.

Thanks a lot for reading. As always, please make sure to share your feedback and comments on our website or on social media.


Your Rainbow Skies Team



Here's  a link to the trophy requirements. I can't wait for this, definitely be stacking both lists. 

 Wait fothis. I ved rainbow

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I am very excited for this game, and have been following with the developers for quite some time now.  I was hoping to make this game my 100th platinum, but because of an accidental platinum (The Witness), that plan went out the window.  Next I am hoping to make it my 7,000th trophy, but if it does not come out soon, that window will come and go as well.  Oh well, I have already pre-ordered the physical limited edition and while I was at it got the limited edition of Rainbow Skies as well.


I cannot wait to be able to play it :)


I will say that I am a little disappointed that the trophy list is not a completionist list, but I am happy all the same.


I also forget to point out, no missable trophies.  That is excellent :)

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Trophy list looks like it has no missables again. Love that with huge RPGs, then you can just play it and enjoy, not worry about those trophies, and it seems most of what you do makes progress towards them anyway. ^^ 



For those interested in getting the limited edition, and these are real limited editions, and comes with OST, map, some art book.



And those who just want the game.

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