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So I finished playing through this for the first and only time, can’t say I enjoyed it that much. Story was cool, fights were quite fun. Obviously it’s an old old game, so I’m not dissing it or anything, but the platforming was awful, and just not that much of a fun game. I do want to play some of the others, I played 3 years ago and don’t remember it. So the remaster can go on this list. 

My question though is, is number 2 very similar? Which of the other games is worth playing etc. I have the new one, so that’s not what I’m asking about. Just number 2, ascension, and the other 2 I dont remember the names of. Thanks

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Ascension is really annoying, there is a boss fight early in the game that will be very hard, on Titan difficulty, and if I remember correctly the magic is really lame.


Ghost of Sparta has this regular battle before the end of the game with Cyclops and these Wraith things and it's probably the hardest normal battle in the entire series, you will rage that, as it's so...f*&king annoying.  Again magic is lame.


In fact the magic is only really good in 1 and 2, in 3 the magic is linked to the weapon you are equipped with so you literally have to change weapons to do different spells which isn't ideal in combat.  The 1st and the 2nd GoW's were the best, yet the other games were almost more challenging for me because they made things that worked already, worse through changes.  As well as greatly diminshed the value of using magic.

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