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Higher tier equipment? Item level?


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Can't find much information online about this even though the PC game has been out for years. How do you get higher tiered gear? Currently max level, and have tier 3, and 4 gear. I've heard it goes up to tier 10, possibly higher. Almost done with the dungeons required for the plat, if they require you to run other dungeons not required for the plat how do I raise my item level to queue up for them?

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Upgrading equipment helps, especially once you can get +12 and +15 weapons. If you follow the main quest, it shows you a lot of different ways to get higher tier equipment through different solo dungeons. There are also a ton of dungeons that aren't needed for the plat, and you can just run those to get better equipment as well. Just run the highest level dungeon you can, and by the time you've gotten a few pieces you should able to do the next one.


Basically, just do the dungeons and quests you have, and upgrade your equipment, you'll slowly get a higher item level and be able to do higher tiered dungeons and get better equipment.

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Once you hit 65 you'll get a set of idoneal in highwatch (from Dougal I believe) and you can start working towards Slaughter (tier 9). Equip the Idoneal and the matching jewelry to get into dungeons passed Catacombs and Sabex. Do the Red quest lines that are 65 that have you trying the dungeons to get a bunch of feed to help you make that gear to +12.


 Guile is Tier 10 and dropped from HM dungeons or grinded out from Ace. And Visionmaker beyond that requires the VM designs from HM dungeons. Right now it's not worth it to shoot towards this VM. Would advise waiting til the servers mature a bit and the high level players get used to the dungeon mechanics before dropping the hours needed to VM and +15


A full set of Slaughter and jewelry will take you to ~415. 2 pieces at +12 and the rest at +9 will get you into the hard dungeons (410).


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