Bring it Back: Top Spin 4 WT Servers.

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4 hours ago, Guidest said:

Hallo friends!


Just a small update to let you know that I'm officially giving up on this. Unfortunately due to the lack of 2K support I think there's no point in going any further. I hope that somebody will be able to make a private server in the future...


On a side note I've just checked the servers (11am GMT+2, 17/05/18) and player match as well as leaderboard & ranking are still working.

fuck 2k


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3 hours ago, Lance_87 said:


They cannot be more idiots than the italian PlayStation Support. Jesus Christ nobody can put PS3/Vita items in the Download queue from the PC store and they blame my internet connection. It happens to others and they only blame me...


Seriously try by yourself and tell me if you get any error message or no download prompt on the system (sorry for the OT everyone, i'm just very angry atm)


Cioè dal sito pc PS Store provo a mettere un contenuto scaricato nella coda PS3?


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