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Golden Week sale (NA)


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7 minutes ago, ExHaseo said:

I would have thought people would have learned from last week. Wait until the store is fully updated, then check it. It's usually not done until around 1PM PST. It's currently 10:30AM PST. 


That urge to be first to get the thread up is too great.  Not as if there is a rush anyway, sale is on for two weeks 

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is there any discount codes being offered right now? man, wish i didn't miss out on that far cry discount code that would have lasted until the end of this month, there's multiple games i'd pick up but prices are pretty steep compared to past sales on games, also without being a plus member. last year i believe discounts were up to 70% non members and 80% plus members, this year it says 50% and 60%. not sure how i'd go about my idea of purchases.

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ended up getting:

Salt And Sanctuary (ps4) (vita) cross buy
Aegis of Earth: Protonovus Assault (vita)
Period Cube ~Shackles of Amadeus~ (vita)


wanted more but only have so much funds this week wont be any changes in the backlog ahead.

there's also one more week of it maybe something new will be added.

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1 minute ago, Kevvik said:

I've seen one or two items I might grab but the prices for a Golden Week sale are less than impressive unless the good prices are on things I've already purchased so that I don't see them.

You're right about the prices. Last time Sophie was on sale, it was $29.99, but this sale it's $35.99

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