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PSA: 'Death Happened Here' Trophy Bug FIXED w/ Patch 1.16 (mild spoilers)


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Like a few others, I had a bug / glitch in Veithurgard where I couldn't open the floor grate in the final boss room (to fight the troll). No option to interact (not even the little circle), etc.


It appears that Patch 1.16 has fixed this issue.


I just downloaded the patch, and re-loaded my save where I was standing in front of the lever (I had 100%'d the game apart from this final trophy), and IT WORKED. Go get the platinum, fellow people who were unlucky enough to experience this bug :D

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It doesn't say it specifically, but I tried it with patch 1.15 and it didn't work. Just downloaded 1.16 and it worked straight away. We'll see if they reveal specifics in the next day or so, but it's likely that it was the patch itself.


Don't mind being proven wrong though; just hopeful :P

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