After two games, the Nemesis System is just stupid

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While I agree that the speeches should be skippable (they're a nice touch, but after awhile you just want to get on with it)...I love the Nemesis System. I think it is one of the most genius engines in gaming today and would love if Monolith would loan it out to every developer (just have them use it differently). To me, I think it's on the level of Rockstar and the sandbox model for GTA III that became the norm for most games we still play today...the Nemesis system could change gaming. It's basically a Precidural Personality Generator. and what it can do is just brilliant at times. 


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Very much dislike the nemesis system. The theory behind it is alright I guess, but I didn't like the interrupting and melodramatic speeches in the first game, and I sure as hell don't like them in this one. 


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