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Multiplayer vs Speed-run


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Most of the time I just hate speed runs. I mean developers put all of this work into making these lush worlds and stories but now we are forced to skip as much as possible to finish the game fast. Sorry...still pissed at the Nier speed run as that made no sense.


On the other hand I love speedrun in Platformers because it actually makes a little sense. Rayman Origins was tons of fun trying to make your way through levels finding little tricks to shave a second or two off your time. 

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Multiplayer if almost no one play the game like Diablo 3: ROS(PS3). You have to do it & grind on your own. Speedrun is easier for me, I platinum'ed Castlevania: Lord of Shadow with a lot of speedruns an hour ago", I really like speedruns", 

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I never ever made any speed runs in any Silent Hill games, because I don't understand it at all, I just can't stop walking and wonder, can't run:). The only speed run I ever enjoyed is Count Down mode in RE, because it's more than just run around for 3 hours.

But I think speed runs working well for hardest difficulties, like helping you to avoid all the troubles.

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In my past experience playing multiplayer games I found a lot of them to not be that difficult at all. Time is the biggest factor when going for multiplayer, especially when servers are going to close.


Speed runs on the other hand can come down purely to skill. They are more difficult because you generally have to have a good knowledge of the game beforehand. Some speed runs I wouldn't call speed runs because they are very lenient in time however.


It all depends on the game you're playing, and how difficult it is in regards to it's trophy list.

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