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Substory outside/inside Club Sega


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There's an exclamation by Club Sega, I'm certain it's inside, but not sure what it is.  I know it's not the crane guy I have to do (I've given him the first toy, but I understand he returns again wanting another).  I know there's that Professor kid there, but talking to him doesn't really do anything.  So, what would I be missing here? Not certain what is missing with that right now on who I'm suppose to talk to or what to do in this case.


Also, I'll ask before I forget, the other substory "Pay It Forward", I've obtained the adhesive tape, but I have no one I can give it to right now.  Doing more on the main story should unlock more of this right? As in, the next person to give it to should show up again eventually right?

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The information I'm writing on quotes comes from the guide made by CyricZ on GameFAQs so if you get stuck later on you can check it out.

From the way you described I assume that you're in Chapter 4. There are only 2 substories that start on Club Sega at that time if my knowledge is correct.


The first is the crane guy. If you gave him the first toy and he left just exit and re-enter the club and he should be there asking for another toy.


Enter the Club SEGA on Nakamichi St. and you'll overhear a businessman complain about the UFO Catcher. Get him a normal-sized white Bunchan the Java Sparrow and you'll get 10,000 yen. The man will leave, so leave yourself and come back. When you return, the man will be looking for the Woo Fam series, so he'll want Woo-kun, Woo Papa, and Woo Mama. They look like pastel-colored axolotls. Get all three for him to get 30,000 yen. Next, get him Jumbo Chestnut for 50,000 yen. Once you leave, you'll have to beat up a guy. You'll get Locker Key I3 as a reward.



The second substory (which is divided into several substories) is the card game, MesuKing:


#53 - MesuKing: The Queen of Beetles

In front of the Club SEGA on Nakamichi St., you can see a red sparkle. Walk towards it and Kiryu will automatically pick it up. A small child in a lab coat will approach and ask to have it returned. Do so, then enter the arcade and speak to him again to get started in MesuKing. This will complete the substory ...

#70 - Practice Match with Professor

This is tied to the MesuKing storyline. Once you complete Substory #53, return to the Club SEGA and talk to the kid to engage in a practice match. Do as he suggests and choose paper, rock, then scissors.

#71 - First Rival

After completing #70, ask the Professor to get someone else for you to challenge. He'll bring up Tomohiro-kun. There's no real strategy for fighting him, because he picks nothing but Rock. Just set up however you want and keep picking Paper. You'll get the Giant Swing Card for your victory.

#72 - Private Lesson

After #71, ask for a new opponent, and he'll offer Sach-chan, who's been in a slump lately. Far as I can tell, Sach-chan focuses on her fighter's best attack and doesn't do much else. You'll get a Finish Time Card.

#73 - As Long as There's Love

After #72, your next opponent is Masaru-kun. He'll drop the hint that he likes bees. That means he uses the Honey Bee Card, which is a Scissors type, so pick a Rock type for your fight and demolish him using Rock. You'll get the Super Romero Special Card.

#74 - Time for a Raid!

After #73, Professor will check your collection. If you have thirty cards, you'll be allowed to proceed. Anyway, Tomohiro will run in crying about the jerks at Theater Square, so head out there. You'll face Nobuo. This is your first proper challenge as he won't be nearly as predictable, but his cards lean towards Scissors. After you win, you'll get a Giant Japanese Mantis Card.

#75 - The Professor's Past

After #74, speak to the Professor and you'll get your next challenger: Eternal Turn Takeru. It seems his pattern is that he rotates around the options counter-clockwise, so if he starts at Scissors, he'll go Paper, then Rock, etc. Defeat him and you'll get a Last Resort Card.

#76 - The Professor's Past 2

After #75, head to the arcade and Theater Square and speak to Hime-chan. Her deck is Paper-based, but she doesn't really have a pattern. If you win, you'll get the Wasp King Card.

#77 - Enjoying It With Everyone

After #76, speak to the Professor and you'll face his best friend, Masashi. Masashi's deck is Scissor-based, and there's no pattern that I could find. If you win, you'll get Tie Breaker Card.


About Pay It Forward Substory you'll have to wait until Chapter 5:


... Now, go to Asia and speak to the guy outside and give him the glasses to get "Super Strength Adhesive Tape". Now you have to wait until Chapter 5 when you get access to Purgatory. In the north middle part of the area is a guy whose shanty is falling over. Give him the tape to get a "Silver Briefcase". Give this to a salaryman in the little nook in Park Blvd. to get a Swiss Watch as your final reward.



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