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Question about co-op between the AU and US version

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Got this during the sale to do some co-op with a friend, but whenever we try and invite, it just sends us to the store page and asks us to buy the game we both already own, and the only reason I'm finding online are posts about the ps3 version from like 2013 about the AU version not being able to co-op with anyone who has the US version. Did they seriously not even try and fix that for the ps4 release? I'm trying to find out, but when I go digging all I find is posts about the ps3 version from years ago. Thought I'd just see if anyone here knows the answer to that. Would have been nice of them to include something like that quite plainly front and centre on the store page if that's the case, because the sole reason I got this was to co-op with this one person. 

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I don't know about now, but some random person was able to join my game not long after I posted this, so I don't think that was the problem. I know the part where you can upload characters and the like got shutdown, but coop is meant to be fine, haven't heard about anything else going down yet. 

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