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The Enduring Spirit trophy requires you to complete a 3.5 hour race while in a group of 2 or more players.  I've read 2 things on various forums/youtube and was hoping for some clarification. 


1.  Neither player needs to finish the race?  If this is the case both players could rubber band their controllers and come back 4 hours later after the AI finishes the race.  I believe we should still get the race finish screen where it would show the AI as 1st place. 


2. Both players do not need to be present at the end?  If this is the case I could have someone join me and start the race, but if they drop out or disconnect I can keep going and finish the race anyways.  The trophy should unlock since it was started as coop?


Can anyone confirm/deny these? 


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Im not sure, I would like someone to confirm these.

When I do the "Coast to Coast" trophy I started with a friend, then he had a connection error and I finished the race alone but still got the trophy.

I don't know if this apply to "Enduring Spirit" trophy.






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