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Play X consecutive days titles

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Hey all, just wanted to share a lil something that I usually do in most games that requires this sort of objective. And I didn't see anyone talking about it in here so I want to point out that you can change the date manually from the PS4 settings so you can get them earlier, you can basically get the 365 days in 1 day if you wanted to.


the fastest way is that you go to sparring match, finish it, then leave to the menu. 

After that you go to your PS4 settings and change the date to the day after the current day. (It has to be in a row so you can't advance 2 days.) 


hopefully this might be helpful to you guys!

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3 minutes ago, Han_the_Dragon said:

Ok, thanks for the tip, so that's a few quick titles!


Do we need to close the game when changing the date? also what's the highest number of consecutive days title that there is?

Np, no need to, once you finish your match choose to return to the menu, and then change your date and go back in another match.


as for the titles, they're: 7,15,30,365 days

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