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Killing Floor Incursion Trophy Thoughts?


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I hope this game gets Aim Controller support. I know it isn't supported at launch. Dual welding guns are great when you can move freely. I wonder how locomotion is gonna be. The only game to do movement right with 2 Moves is Skyrim. Gonna wait for reviews on this one. 


I'm more psyched about the game than not though. I'm in desperate need of a good VR shooter.  I've played them all. 


Trophies look good and obtainable though. 

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I'm really itching to buy this since I enjoyed KF2 although the whole VR concept kind of freaks me a bit out. Like I'm not really sure if I want to see these guys in VR.. lol. Definitely will wait for reviews/gameplay and make the decision there.


Edit: Caved in and bought it.. cause of the whole co-op aspect I am going to be looking for people that have this game.. Feel free to add if you're getting it.

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