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Question for GOW ascension

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I just checked my US physical copy of the game and it says that online voucher was valid from 3/14/13 to 3/20/14. So Idk if you want to take the risk to buy a new copy. 

Sad that Sony did not put the pass for free, it still costs 9.99. EA did that for almost all of its old games.

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2 minutes ago, Deluziion90 said:

to bump up this question. Does anyone know if it works with PS Now? I really want to 100% this but I've got no clue how this will work out with psnow

You could try it. Nothing to lose, if you start with the single online trophy. I got that out of the way before starting the single player, myself. It'd be weird if they didn't let you play the multiplayer through PS Now, though. 

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On 07/05/2018 at 10:56 AM, ZeroGeass1 said:

I have an unused online pass for Gow Ascension, don't know if it still works though. If you still need it just send me a message

If janeth30stm doesn´t need the code, could you give me the code pls? My brother gave me this game on my birthday unaware it needed online pass and it was a second hand copy, so the code that came with the game was already used. Haven't started the game because of it, and I'm trying to avoid spending 9.99€ :/

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