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Fishing rods


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So, I have the 2 first rods, but I cannot get the 3rd (Admiral quest) and of course, the 4th.

I read somewhere that there is a way to do it with zero effort. I just need a player that already has the 3rd and 4th rods.


Here is the explanation:
"You can avoid all of the difficult work by having another player join your game and drop the 3rd and 4th rods for you at any dock with a rod already there. Even though they won't show as unlocked in the shop, the game will count as you having obtained it and the trophy will pop as long as you bought the other 2 rods as well, saving you having to beat every fishing record and completing Skylar's quests"


So, what I'm asking is add me on your PSN (cultodaostra), if you have the 2 last rods. I can help with all of the other multiplayer trophies you need or co-op.

Once I have them, I can do the same to other players with the missing rods.


Just add me and let's do it! Thanks
PSN = cultodaostra

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