Reply to sora__11's Dispute

  Two glaring issues: We have absolutely no idea if this person cheated or not. They say they did it this way to intentionally get the trophies out of order, but what they got out of order is easy to mess up if you cheat. Basically, they accessed something too early. They also beat the game twice way too fast in a row. Both are signs of cheating tbh, and their excuse is that they wanted to get the ending as the last trophy. I get that everyone seems to buy their story in this thread. I'm as usual skeptical, and don't find it that convincing. I don't know, and so this rule is actually very helpful for cases like this. It's not wanted that players gets the trophies out of order. They can record themselves doing the entire game this way, wouldn't get the flag lifted. Imagine if everyone did this, it would be a serious big hassle to keep track of. It would also be used to get impossibly fast completion times and a mess in general. Again, good that there's a rule for cases like this.   @sora__11, you know what you gotta do. If you didn't cheat, sucks for you, but you certainly broke the leaderboard rules by getting the trophies out of order. No idea why you thought it'd be a good idea to get trophies out of order, making it look like you might have cheated the game. And I think the reason you were reported was because of how long time there was between all heartless entries and Mushroom XIII (51 seconds). Yes, such late at the same time pop is possible, but that's why you were looked at I think, and they saw the other stuff was out of order.