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Is it bugged / gliched


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 I just killed my 1st legendary dragon ( on ps4. Killed one on 360 back in the day)


 Had a auto/manual save just before encountering it at a word wall. Level 50.


But; no trophy.


I reloaded file 3 times. But no luck 

Any idea?


 P.s im not running any mods 

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Yup.  100% sure as i grabed a screen cap of it as its name appeared.


.... Never mind

Ima fkn.pleb


Checked screen cap.


 It was ancient 

xD what i get for spending all night gaming after work


 * my bad lols sorry *


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Epic fail
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 Ya i was working on alky


Last few bits of playing got 4 skills 80-100 feels like its taking so much more to lv to 50+


 Just used the arcania magica + telekinesis exploite to go from 45 to 80 in about a hour


 * telekinesis object, fast travel, instant 100 alteration, legendary the skill waor 24 hr for power cooldown and repeat.

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Here's a little tip, turn up the difficulty to increase the odds of one spawning, turn down the difficulty once it spawns. You shouldn't need the exploit to get enough levels now, just legendary something you use a lot and/or can quickly level. Where's the fun in using "god-mode" to remove the peril? Killing a legendary dragon on legendary difficulty is something you will remember.

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