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Bad progress tracking?


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So im wondering how well. The game tracks your progress; as what little we can see (on ps4) is what ever challange is lit at. Example ( no one left behind 12: rescue 75 civs)  that gives me an idea of how many ive saved. ( 5 - 10 - 15 ext +5 every teir) 



 Evil things with crazy teeth only just showed up in my quest tracker along with the most recent event; i highly dought it has anything to do with story progression thou ive been on the same mission for months, and only tend to get on for events or when friends actually wana do pve stuff.


 I bring up crazy things with evil teeth - trophy to clear stage 10.  Im on stage 3. Having killed 5 mimics.   It had only triggered credit for it, durring 1st block buster event mission when someone else killed a mimic


 Any idea why it would only just now start tracking... My self; ive easly killed 100 mimics.  Not counting randoms/ friends kills.


 I just did the 1st bomb delivery quest in the story so bout plankeron - page 7 3rd stage i think. Power lv 37.


Ta give an idea as to were I'm sitting.


 Wish there was a better progress tracker esp with some of these trophys. 20k mist monsters - 1500 fully explored zones. X.x



 Also - as a side note....

Anyone eles seeing a rash of ppl building out of nothing but lv 1 wood....  On lv 28+ missions were wood has maybe 1k hp fully upgraded... And is destoryed in 2-4 hits...


Its like all the fortnite battle royal players suddenly switched to pve. Lol... X.x;

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Type your Epic name in there for a look at your stats. (It goes by Epic name, not Playstation.) 


The side quest to kill mimics doesn't appear until sometime after Plankerton Storm Shield 4 which is why you don't have full credit yet. Also it does not roll over into the next quest until after you successfully finish the current quest you are on. So if you have to kill 2 mimics and you kill three in the same mission, you only finish the current stage you are on, you don't start the next one with 1 already done. (And if you fail that mission you don't get credit for any of them.) 

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Huh, strange i finnished plankeron stom defence ages ago, and havent progressed any main story missions since. Till last night apon finnishing my 1st storm chest.  Bout 5-6 missions after s.d4


 As for the roll over ticker knew that part was just over explaining ( had been up too long xD ) was just stating that only now after killing 3 mimics its shown up


Felt so random..



That tracking site is nice

But now makes me feel. Further behind then i am xD 599 mist monsters 500 civs 100 100% finnished maps and only 37 "play together"  @.@  oh boy

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