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Trophy thoughts?


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4 hours ago, FielVeredus said:

is it has some kind of SP open world campaign ? if yes im in !!! 

It has both offline singleplayer and online multiplayer, but I wouldn't quite say it has a campaign, since it is a survival game.


I just need to wait for my copy to arrive, I pre-ordered the collector's edition. I enjoyed this from what I did play on PC when it was in early access, but haven't been able to play it for a while since my previous laptop decided to bite the dust and my current laptop would have a heart attack trying to run it, so I can't wait to get the PS4 version next week.

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It's an OK list, but I seriously hope they'll add more trophies with upcoming updates. (like Warframe, etc). ^_^

Also, I'm rather happy they let you earn them in either online or offline mode; not everyone enjoys the competitive play online.

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