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Can I be added back into the challenge? I've been gone for a few months because trophy hunting was starting to feel stressful, but I'm getting back into the fun of it again. 

Plus, with it being October, I've been thinking about revisiting and plating either Until Dawn or Little Hope 🤔


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56 minutes ago, Gretchen27 said:

@Sylvanticore you did log Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune twice. It’s easy to spot & not a big deal. I only bring it up so I can mention you don’t have to log the completion time down to three places, only to two. Example:

✅ God of War [5 years, 2 weeks]

 God of War [5 years, 2 weeks, 4 days]

Save you a little less typing in the future. It’s rare for times to be so close they’d need to be checked to that degree.



Ah thank you for that! Also I recall the reason I did Uncharted twice, the first time was for the Platinum and the 2nd time was because I went and got the full 100% of the game!


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4 hours ago, JayDeLosDioses said:


I've set my goal for this year to get my unearned trophies down to 3250 (only ~500 off from what I've started) but it's more a fight to keep them below 4000 at this point.

I've got my completion percentage up by nearly 3% though, there's just this one  pattern that repeats itself:


*waiting for friend XY to come online to start playing*

Me: "Let's browse the store real quick, maybe there's something interesting you've missed"

*opens PSN Store*

M: "Oh look! A new sale."

*browsing the sale*

M: "80% off? That's not getting much cheaper. *adds to card* Oh, and I've played the first part of this series *adds to card* This looks fun too! *adds to card* You've always wanted to give this game a try, and since it's on sale *adds to card*



Same for me^^ thinking about setting myself a rule that every game i buy i have to earn at least 1 trophy within a week. Thatway the pain of my completion and therefore progress goong down fast hopefully stops me. But right now i am looking at the hidden gems sale and alread wonna get 5 new things


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