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9 hours ago, Dragon-Archon said:

If you want a good hack 'n slash, I recommend Metal Gear Rising Revengeance. Had lots of fun with that one.


Thank you for suggestion! Sadly, I'm not interested in Metal Gear series and science fiction stuff. I like hack 'n slash game but I don't buy every game from this genre, The games must meet my "requirements" before I decide to buy them. Trophy is not one of my requirements since I have some "impossible" plat games on my profile, therefore I don't mind to have another one.


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7 hours ago, Phil said:

For all you guys and gals with vitas who like to use the remote play option, this is a really good deal. About $15 cheaper than Amazon and $25 cheaper than any Ebay seller atm.



I could use one, but damn is it bulky :(



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