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Despite some glitches that some people have with this game (I hadn't) an advice that I do is to focus on STICK TO YA challenge before completion the game.

You will notice that to make 15 kills with boarder spikes will be very difficult, the opportunities and the way to do a boarder spike kill will be very rare with the cleared map.

I think the best opportunities is during convoy missions so focus on this challenge.

At the end of the game my map was nearly to clear, all first and second missions were finished and I had about 30 non repetitive challenges to complete, almost all of then was very easy but STICK TO YA!


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I'll throw in my two cents on this, based on my experience:

  1. Do this challenge well before you attempt clearing the threats in the respective territories. In particular, leave the convoy routes alone until the challenge has been completed.
  2. Get the full spikes on your car body ASAP.
  3. Convoy routes in Pink Eye's territory are great since almost always they will have at least two cars with enemies attempting to board in their convoy. You won't see those boarder enemies early on in the game.
  4. When attempting the challenge, drive up next to the vehicle with the boarding enemy. You should be about half a car's length next to the enemy. Match your cruising speed with the enemy.
  5. THIS IS ESSENTIAL: do this on a straight path part of the convoy route. This is where the enemy vehicles tend to pick up speed. If you're too slow, the boarder will jump on your car without any issues. Also, if you hit a curve and you turn the vehicle, more likely than not the enemy will miss your car when jumping.
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Yup, if you are going for the plat, completing these kind of challenges is a MUST before clearing all areas.

...words can't describe the pain of forcing 2-3 enemies to spawn every 20-30min.

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