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All Boss Fights & Ending


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Hey guys, it's Rubhen here with a video for City of Brass. In this one I feature all the boss fights in the game.

Now to make it clear the fights you see are fights against the bosses as I was practicing while doing my attempts to finish the game without using portals. I did use Blessings that gave me double health and no time limit. This was for practice. You will have a more tense time fighting them the first time.

This video is to showcase the bosses more than to destroy them.

So let's get started,

Boss 1 - GateKeeper 1 - Found in Level 3

This boss is pretty simple. You just need to hit the orbs back by using your whip. Then when her shield comes down hit her. Do this 3 times and you should take her out.

Boss 2 - Gatekeeper 2 - Level 6

This boss is a bit tricky, but luckily I had two minions that I summoned. The goal is to hit all her clones when she disappears. Eventually you will hit the real one, and she will be stunned. At this point hit her once and she will teleport and make more clones. Rinse and repeat. My summoned minions kill her when i hit the clones so this was easier for me. Be careful though she can do a lot of damage!

Boss 3 - Gatekeeper 3 - Level 9

This boss is super easy. All you need to do is throw an explodable pot at him and he will die. Now since he has his shield up the whole time I didn't find another strategy, so if you don't have an explodable pot, go search the whole level and come back!

Boss 4 - Gatekeeper 4 - Level 12

This boss is one of the most annoying ones. It will constantly fly around and spawn minions. The goal is to hit the minion, and it will fall to the ground. Now use the whip to pick up the minion and toss it at the boss. This will damage it. Rinse and repeat and the boss will eventually go down.

There is a one shot method to this fight. Throughout the level you will find purple pot that covers enemies in purple goop when thrown at them. What this means is that the enemy will die in one hit when they are covered in the purple goop. If you can sneak up behind the boss and hit it with the purple pot, it die in one hit from you blade. Keep that in mind, in case this boss is giving you so many problems!

Boss 5 - The Three Genies - Final Boss

Now this boss is truly difficult. There are 3 genies in this fight. The Yellow one will spawn circles on the floor which shoot vertical pillar of lightning. The Red one will shoot you with red orbs that explode, and the orange genies summons enemies to fight. The goal here is to run to the right and left of the genies and use the whip to hit their blue chains on their hands. You need to be standing on the gems on the floor beside their hands. There are 6 of them, 2 for each genie. Once you got both genie's hands tied down with chain, head to the front of the genie and use your whip on the blue chain on its head to trap the genie in its lamp.

Once the first genie is trapped the other two genies will speed up their spell casting, so you need to be quick! Trap the other genie and the final one will cast spells non stop. So it's a good idea to trap the yellow one first, then the red, then the orange. Once you trap all the genies in their lamps, the fight is over and you can interact with the chest that spawns to end the game and get the final cutscene.

An easy way to finish this fight is to save your wishes. Each genie can be wished away into their lamp. If you have a wish just run to the front of a genie's lamp and wish it away. If you have 3 wishes saved for this fight, then it becomes simple. Just wish all 3 of them to end the fight in less than a minute.



1) Boss 1 - Gatekeeper 1 | Level 3 - 0:05
2) Boss 2 - Gatekeeper 2 | Level 6 - 1:36
3) Boss 3 - Gatekeeper 3 | Level 9 - 2:19
4) Boss 4 - Gatekeeper 4 | Level 12 - 2:37
5) Boss 5 - The Three Genies | Final Boss - 3:46
6) Ending - 6:07


Feel free to message me anytime :)



Note: The game was provided by Uppercut games through the keymailer system. Thanks for the opportunity.

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