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How can you keep playing PSM games?


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What can you do with your Vita to still play PlayStation Mobile games?  And by that, I mean, can you rebuild the database?  Can you switch memory cards?  Can you activate any new device for the games you had backed up?


I couldn't really find much about this except for the original closure announcement, and even then, things were vague.  So if you know of things you can and can't do to keep you playing PSM games, please state it here.

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To play PSM games, first you need the game backed up, or at least still installed in a memory card. Then, the memory card needs to have the runtime installed and updated to the last version. If you don't have the runtime, then ignore everything and cry, cry a lot. That's because the runtime can't be downloaded anymore. Or you could try the shady method by some user that is known by killing Vitas, lol (search this by yourself and try it at your own risk, I don't want to hold any responsibility)

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