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Hi, so this post is for explain my team, we search fighting game player for play for fun or tournament and competitive on PS3/PS4 on different game, and so we can of course helping for trophy because we are trophy hunter ! the reason if i post here is because i want more player in this team, and i hope you are maybe interested, for join the team is easy, i just need what game you play and with witch charactere and your country.

I don't care your level, is just for fun and after competitive but all can progress :) 



Blazhead ( France ) 

USF IV : Dalshim/Decapre 

SF V : Dalhim/Nash

SF III : Ken

Guilty Gear accent core : Testament 


Demsalghul ( France ) 

USF IV : Decapre

Guilty Gear accent core : Order Sol 

Guilty gear xrd Revelator : Chipp /Ky

Blazblue Central Fiction : Hazama/Valkenhein



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