Desolation of Mordor: All 9 Númenórean Artifacts Location Guide

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Collect All Númenórean Artifacts and bring them to Torvin. Gauntlet Trophy / Achievement will unlock after collecting all 9 Artifacts. You can get all 9 Artifacts at the start of the DLC. Below will be Timestamps for each Artifact.





Inline Toxic Death Dispenser    
(0:23) 1. Wormrot Oils    
Integrated Inferno-Hurling Launcher    
(1:14) 2. Numenorean Fire    
Improved Hook with Hinged Movable Bits     
(2:26) 3. Catapult    
Great Huge Spring Smasher    
(3:15) 4. Mighty Shield    
Fabulously Complex Chain-Reel Drive    
(4:10) 5. Grapple Pull    
Wee Enormously Powerful Power-Increaser    
(4:57) 6. Chain Kills   
Retractable Extra Deadly Bits    
(5:57) 7. Fatal Counter    
Big Stoatin Fire Tank   
(6:54) 8. Blazing Shield    
Horribly Sharp Chain Razors    
(8:02) 9. Cyclone  


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