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Game crash, corrupted save file, every time


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So every single one of these tower games from this publisher has sooner or later crashed on me, resulting in a corrupt save file that is being deleted on the next startup. This time it happened before I could reach the 1000 towers built and 500 sold. Idk if it happens because after a while I repeat and pause easier levels and sell/build repeatedly to farm for these trophies (is that so bad?), but it just seems like a bug that doesn't want to go away with them. This time I even lost $0.99 in crystals from the store after I restored the cloud backup from the night before. OK, blame me for wanting to get the trophies.

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No, it would happen as I play (grind), but since my cloud backup sets me back to at least a day/night before, I lose the hour or two on the current day. I don't want to exit and backup every few minutes. This has happened with ALL this similar games (I can't remember the titles now). I thank you for your suggestion though. 

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