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Transferring DLC?

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I was wondering if I could transfer the black ops 2 dlc on my playstation to My friends playstation cause my brother also has my dlc downloaded and you cannot trade more than twice. in summary, is there anyway to transfer DLC from one ps3 to another, this other ps3 is going to be in my house cause my playstation is going in the shop for roughly 3 days.


 Thank you in advance

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Sorry if I'm misunderstanding but can't you:


  • Deactivate your PS3 when you put it in for repair
  • Activate friends PS3
  • Put DLC on and play
  • Deactivate friends PS3
  • Re-Activate your PS3?

Yup, this should work. Just don't forget to deactivate your friends ps3

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Possibly needs to be a new thread but this seems to be a good example....


Using @TeknoDemon's situation as an example, would it be possible to deactivate his account on friends PS3, then reactivate on his to carry on as normal BUT, if his friend didn't connect his PS3 to the internet again, would he still be able to play the DLC even though that isn't an activated PS3?


So basically, can you activate a PS3 to download content, download it, disconnect from internet then play the downloaded stuff on PS3 that isn't activated or connected to internet?

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