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Platinum difficulty?


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1 hour ago, Romel_xP said:

Which Devil May Cry has the hardest platinum from HD collection? 

I would say 3 because 3 requires you to get all the S ranks in all the missions and some of the bosses can be quite difficult especially on Dante Must Die mode, you also have the bloody palace to go through. Devil May Cry 1 is still fairly challenging but the real challenge again comes from Dante Must Die mode and from my experience (as I have achieved the Platinum) Must die mode starts getting difficult when you fight the later bosses when getting close to the end of the game. Just make sure you fully upgrade your health and collect items like devil stars and untouchables during your normal and hard playthroughs and you should not have too much of a problem and it'll just take some retrying when fighting late-game bosses, It also depends on your skill with these kinds of games. Devil May Cry 2 from what I've heard is far easier than 1 and 3  personally I don't enjoy it as much as the other games so I haven't got around to getting the Platinum but everybody's different. Hope this answers your question and good luck!!


Edit: Oops I wrote this before checking your profile and saw that you already got the platinum in Devil May Cry 1 so I guess what I said doesn't apply to you but maybe it'll help somebody else. 

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