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Trophy order?

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I started this game recently to comeplete the online stuff, which i almost have. The first thing i did was online coop... revive a teammate and rescue a mate from close encounter.

Anyway, i noticed that on my list i have unlocked the trophy for salico falls (2nd trophy) but not distress (1st trophy). Is this normal? Are the story trophies out of order on the trophy list? 

When i started campaign again i could only find distress (which i know i havent finished). I havent double checked but just saw it on my list here. 

Sorry if what I'm asking is confusing. Thanks in advance.


Follow up:

I just checked online and it seems like saluca falls is the 3rd mission? I remember the mission i did had a bunch of human soldiers fighting xenos and i was fighting both?

I'm not sure how it would allow me on that mission if i hadnt completed the first two?


Follow follow up:

I just checked all the recent players and theyre all in correct order? 

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Follow up:

I have a theory... when i started i don't remember setting my game to private or changing it from random. Perhaps i joined another person's game thinking it was just me and my 2nd copy and completed their level? 

This is the only this that could explain this that i can think of...

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Follow up:

I'm now certain that's what's happened. Terminator from ps3t comfirmed it's possible to join someone's story regardless of where they and you are and i didn't notice you can change the search parameters until i started the online challenges.

I feel quite comforted now ?

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