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Problem with Jump ( PLEASE HELP )


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Hey there

I am in the process of doing the story and i got stuck here in the last jump when i was about to jump on a the platform for second soul ( in quest Judicator )

I am trying to jump here for more than 2 hours . I should jumb in the back but I always jump up in the air and fall absolutely to the start.

I am anxious since I can make no process and i need your help. What am I supposed to do or how should i jump?


Here is the pic : https://imgur.com/a/0s4pYQQ

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Just now, Sailar91 said:

I don't remember this part, but I suggest you to watch a walktrought on YT so you can see what you've to do 

I watched that part on youtube and he had absolutely no problemi jumping in there.

Idk if is it in the way i press buttons or what but i try to stay just like them , putting one hand down but it doesnt help.

Only if someone would tell me which buttons to press

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