PS Vita physical games being discontinued in US and Europe

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Just saw this. More sad news. I have around 100 physical Vita games, and less than 20 digital ones. There was no reason to kill physical releases except to further force people to abandon the Vita. I can't even understand who are the moronic developers who still are dumb enough to spend money and resources on the Vita, they're going to be in serious trouble pretty soon. They've been taking similar moves on the PS3, at the rate they're closing servers for PS3 games. And the stupidity of killing PS3 and Vita games for Plus which cost them peanuts too (and means there's a lot of small developers that will never see any money again). They just don't give about a shit the morons (read us) which invested a ton of money on the disgusting company that Sony unfortunately is. Let's be crystal clear and see that all they've been killing costs them peanuts. They probably lose more money every day in one of their unprofitable divisions than the money they spent in a whole year on PS3 related servers, paying the crappy monthly PS3 and Vita games and keeping the production line for Vita game cards running.

But they just don't care.

And yes I can bet they'll kill, as soon as they can, PSN access to the PS3 and Vita in all ways.

Unfortunately Nintendo is on a different ball game, and Microsoft, well is Microsoft as they have a ton of money from Windows and Office with little effort, everything else is marginal.

BTW this is japanese tech culture. Panasonic, Toshiba, Pioneer, they've all pretty killed themselves, and honestly I do hope Sony follows the same path. And then hopefully a new company will rise. Worse than Sony will be difficult anyway.



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1 hour ago, Spaz said:


You seem to go out of your way to make yourself sound superior in your own argument, debate or what have you to try to get someone to reevaluate the point they are trying to get across. 


I have seen you do this across several threads to several people, including myself. Do you feel any sort of satisfaction in doing this? Because all I see from you is a guy bitching against those whose opinions don’t coincide with your own. 


Satisfaction? Superior? What??? I post my opinion no differently than you do. I don’t see why you’d have a problem for doing the same thing you’re doing. Clearly you’ll see me in different threads with different people, that’s kinda what being a member here means. 


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