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All Boss Fights & ENDING | Balanced Difficulty


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Hey guys, It's Rubhen here with a video featuring all the bosses in Omensight. (I haven't done much guides or videos in the past few weeks because I've been streaming but i might do a trophy guide for this game. Let me know if you guys might be interested in seeing one!)


There are 12 boss fights in the game. Many are fights against the same bosses but slightly altered by having different partners with you.

Also many fights are optional.

The best way to deal with bosses is to use the Delay of Fate ability which slows down time. You can deal massive damage, then run around till the ability recharges. This makes the fights simple, even on the final boss fight.

These are my first attempts at these bosses!



1) Boss Fight #1 - Deathless | Partner: Draga - 0:05
2) Boss Fight #2 - Draga | Partner: Deathless - 2:01
3) Boss Fight #3 - Indrik | Partner: Ludomir - 3:15
4) Boss Fight #4 - Firebird Indrik | Partner: Ratika - 7:30
5) Boss Fight #5 - Ratika | Partner: Indrik - 10:42
6) Boss Fight #6 - Ratika | Partner: Draga - 12:50
7) Boss Fight #7 - Ratika | Partner: Ludomir - 14:37
8) Boss Fight #8 - Ludomir | Partner: Indrik - 15:52
9) Boss Fight #9 - Ratika | Partner: Indrik - 19:16
10) Boss Fight #10 - Firebird Indrik | Partner: Draga - 20:58
11) Boss Fight #11 - Draga - 24:09
12) Final Boss Fight - Voden - 26:21
13) ENDING & Credits - 30:52



Note: The game was provided by Carly Shield of Evolve PR, on behalf of Spearhead Games. Thanks for the opportunity!

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14 hours ago, Void said:

just found about this game and it looks really interesting. nice job on the video.

Yes it's a fun game with certain restrictions on the combat, but it was still fun to go through the story. it also just released on the switch as a definitive version

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