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Trophy Guide and Walkthrough


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22 hours ago, themindisacity said:

I'm working on porting the guide over here, but for now, please enjoy my guide and walkthrough as posted over on .org.  I hope they help!


Trophy Guide



Nice! You always make top quality text walkthroughs.. will be using it if I need it.

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Very helpful guide. Thank you!


A few comments (without much context to avoid spoilers), if you are there, you will know what I am talking about.

Maybe these are glitches, but I have the hunch that this applies in general for these three trophies:


Rythmic - You can move the lever on the train into three positions (Up, middle and down). I tried 2 times to move it up, middle, down, middle, up etcetera. Seemed right to me. But did not work. It worked for me when I just moved the lever down, middle, down etcetera. Not going into the full up position. You will notice that Fig is not doing that as well.

Alma Mater - If you go back to Fig before you have instilled all the rebels, you will not be able to instill the ones you have missed. You need to complete this before moving on.

Diarist - I thought it glitched on me, because I was moving through way more than 10 entries and when I tried to get the trophy I just moved through my whole diary. The trophy did not pop.

What worked for me was to turn ten pages exactly (no less, but also no more) and then exit the diary. That did the trick.


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Very nice guide, amazing work :)


Just a short comment to Empathic Trophy:

The answer "I am Anne, the Rebel" is definitely not needed, I took the other option and still got the trophy.

Didn't get it with a "no" (won't distil you) as the last answer, though.

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