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new or old?

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 So i'm abit confused, Saw this listed at gamestop. advertised. - then saw it in my suggested feed on PSN . Looks like a bit more Chaotic version of 40k Space marine that came out some time ago - 

What im wondering is - every were I've looked, It says this was droped today.
but the listing on here says 2017, 
is the one listed 5-22-18 A "re-launch" or something? ~

 As  after watching it's little Action trailer, I kinda wana get it - 
(but ~ Also waiting on 40k Inquisition:   

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It has been dropped several times since it was suppose to come out about a year ago for the ps4 with pc and it only ended up coming out for pc, it fell short of what was promised, this enhanced edition is just what we should have gotten when it came out, more customization, and some bugs were fixed. Unlike the space marine it's a FPS, it's more open world, it more like a left for dead in 40k. It's released date was all over the place before finally being released today.

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