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On 29/05/2018 at 11:13 AM, shlomaniac said:

the beta was fun for me but 60$ is too much but if i wait for sale the game will be empty on servers.

huge platinum achievement dilemma here. 

to buy the guy full price and do it quick or to wait for sale and beg for boosting lol. 


You forgot third option !

Waiting for it to be a PS+ game ... which will fill up the servers :D


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I've put in five-six hours into this game. Enjoying my time with it. There seems to be things to learn about each track, every time I go back to it. Little tricks and details here and there.


No idea what the post-launch support will be like (I'm not expecting it to be as amazing as DriveClub's) but I think I'll be finding a lot of re-playability and fun.

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