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TLOU survivor mode on PS4

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Okay, so what I did was I played on easy and then played new game plus to sweep up any trophies I missed. I ended on the University when my final trophy popped. "Let's Hear Up" I saved the game and then I went to Chapters and I noticed the first 8 chapters from Hometown to the University are giving me the option of doing Survivor or Grounded. 


If I play each chapter through on Survivor or Grounded will it count towards their trophies or should I finish the complete game to get the rest of the chapters playable? Or will it just continue through the remaining chapters left on the higher difficulty I choose. ?


Thank you in advance:)



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You can play at any difficulty from start. You need to complete all chapters in the same difficulty to unlock the trophy related to that difficulty. The order doesn't matter. You need to do 2 playthroughs and if you do the second on the highest, everything else below and before, also pops then.


All this information and much more is on the trophy guide. Check that.

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