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Is it Good?

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Seeing as the other 2 Blazblue games available on ps4 are both ultra rare plats and that it's developed by Arc System Works, I would hazard a guess that no, this will not be an easy platinum. Arcsys's most recent game before this was dragon ball fighterz which is a 0.50% plat on here. 

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From what I saw in the trophy list, the "Tactics" sound to be the mission mode, and there's a trophy for beating all for 1 character, I would guess that will be the skill limiting trophy.. Then there's the online, that probably will take some grind.. 


I personally don't care to much for BB plats anymore, I end up buying them cheap just to enjoy the game and characters (really, it's the only fighter we're I feel that the story is cool, maybe GG, but didn't finish the story yet). As a rule, all BB (or ArcSys games, since, Guilty Gear, DBZ and Personal are evil too) plats are hard. 


The only easy plats that I can remember in the BB series is the original one.. 


I'm actually looking forward for this one, because it mixes a lot of things that I like!! But I have to get Central Fiction first.. 

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Anyways, TC, all I can say, yes its good. Second, you can try the demo from your region's PS store. (Which is limited to Ragna, Yu, Hyde, and Ruby.)


Also, to me, the trophy list is piss easy, it'll take some grind, but I'll manage.

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