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Additional note & warning to the "Wolfpack" trophy

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Just confirmed in my playthrough that the "Wolfpack" trophy can be earned AFTER the final boss fight. You can just save a talent point and add the lonewolf talent to one of the PCs when they are in the source academy. I got the trophy to pop right before platinum. It is strange that none of the major guides are mentioning this.


Then here's the warning to people who want to earn this trophy semi-legit. When i added the talent right before the void dragon fight, for whatever unknown reason I lost BOTH companions. And my build was not fit for a two-character team. I tried to load the cloud-save before entering the final portal, but again i lost both companions when I added the talent. Maybe I could still get one back in HoH but i was too distraught to try. This put quite a scare in me until i found the above mentioned workaround.



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Damn.  I'm glad you posted this, because I just spent a hour trying to beat that boss with only 2 chars (since like you mentioned you can't keep even one NPC).  Shame the guide was never updated, but you just saved me from having to replay the whole game again.

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