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Most are easy, most likely unmissable, and ignored here.
Tortoise Trophy, just before you walk across to Hugo the Vagabond. 3rd stage if you select. Immediately underneath where the Old man is standing is a bushy growth, right of the flowers, left of the road. You will see a small amount of something brown at the back. Tickle it a few times with your pointer.
Frogs' Chorus is the 3 frogs, down from the bridge which you will 'wheel' to the right to cross.
Smooth Ride trophy. Watch the play through video. Use the Options button to pause your game, review video, play a small section at a time. Yes, it is tricky and raises the 1/10 difficulty of this game.

Sheep Whisperer. Immediately after getting off the train. Move to near sheep, move them right. Keep doing this until you are blocking their return, no option for them to continue right, the only option being they leap up to the hill behind and you pass across and under to the right-side position.

Tilda. 2nd last stage, after you get off the truck. Climb up the first hill. She is in the garage.
Albert the gardener is higher up, about a minute later. Not even sure why I mention these.

You're welcome.

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Don't ask for likes, or "rep".

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Your post is a mess, you might want to edit the format of it since it's incredibly hard read because of it. This also isn't a trophy guide, by any means. A trophy guide explains every trophy in a game with great detail, I'm not an expert by any means but you don't need to be to know that. You've wrote something for one trophy, just because other trophies are "easy" doesn't mean you don't talk about them. Everyone has different struggles and experience when it comes to games, if all guides did that then it wouldn't be called a trophy guide.


Also asking people for likes is very stupid, especially when you haven't really done anything to deserve them. If you write a "guide" then you shouldn't expect anything from it besides helping people, they also mean nothing besides someone clicked a button.



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