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Hi all,


Im live in New Zealand and am looking at starting a US account to get PS Now, does anyone know when downloaded ill be able to use it on my NZ account and if ill be able to earn trophies on thay account




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I believe PS Now only works with the account that subscribed to it. I've tried using a UK and Japanese account to start a few games, but it gives an error saying "this game is no longer available". I'm not sure if this means those regions just have a different game list, but even if that's the case then you're taking a big risk because it only shows the one game list, so you may miss out on games.


If the game has local multiplayer, you can have the other region's account join the game. But I'm not sure if there's any games where player 2 can earn trophies.


The other issue is that if PS Now isn't available in your region, then you're going to be connecting to a server in the US, so you may have to be wary of lag. PS Now will also boot you off if the connection quality isn't good enough.


There is a 7 day free trial for PS Now so you can try it out yourself (Sony recommends everyone do the trial before buying to ensure your internet connection can handle it), but I don't think it's going to work the way you're hoping.


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