$19.99 with only 2 silver and 17 bronze trophies

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18 minutes ago, Zach said:

Yes we are on a tracker site. What an astute observation. This game has trophies, that can indeed be tracked. So that argument is invalid here. It still has trophies.

Thanks for validating my point ;)


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Feels so windy in this thread with all the Whooshing going on... 


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3 hours ago, Barneyup said:



Looking at your trophy profile it looks like you don't really care about completing your games so why would a game that costs $20 with no platinum trophy be any different for you?


2 hours ago, Maxie Mouse said:


I was serious on this one. Giving up gaming forever because of a little thing such as a game that doesn’t have a platinum (as wished for) is ridiculous.


Don't be. He's an idiot.


2 hours ago, HardXDXtraga said:

Seems like every day that goes by I agree more with having a minimum post count before creating threads. 🤔


Yeah that's true and I've seen this implemented in forums in the past. But that always brings out the trolls wondering why they can't make their own introduction thread.


1 hour ago, Phil said:


You must be new here.


Seriously wish sly would implimemt a mandatory minimum of forum time and post before boneheads can open threads. Doesn't make any sense to just let any ol Joe make a new forum account and be able to dribble out threads from their holes. 



Damn girl. You go get em!


I know sarcasm and being facetious doesn't come across text very well, but honestly, he laid it on so thick, if you put a night vision filter on it, put a banana up it, and callit it a Kardashian, you'd have yourself a multi million dollar business. 


You ever thought of being a amateur comedian?


Plenty of comedy strips down in the greater Los Angeles area.

Edited by Spaz

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