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Die grosse die trophy

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So, i finished wolfenstein the old blood and realised i missed out on a few nightmares, so i went to chapter select and completed the nightmares from there. The problem is, is that i finished all nightmares and even got the trophies associated with them, i.e Wulfburg nightmare but not get the die grosse die trophy. I know this a common bug and i even completed the secret nightamre within the prologue. Anyone got any solutions to get this again or do i have to complete the game again and try do the nightmares in order?


*EDIT* - Got it now!

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On 2/10/2019 at 9:03 AM, Goncalo_Leandro said:


How did you fix it? Because I'm having the same problem. 

I recently platinumed the game, and I got the trophy fine. What I did was using a video guide for the nightmare levels from start to finish, and it popped as it should after defeating the final boss of nightmare level on chapter 8.

I came across this post on another site, and it suggests you have to replay the levels.

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