FYI You Cannot Get A New Broom

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If you're interested in the janitor trophy, be careful with your broom.  I lost mine somehow before the 4th boss and you apparently cannot get a new one.  (I double checked the expensive merchant and the Smith multiple times.)


I got my broom back by retrieving a save from the cloud but lost 8 hours of progress...


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8 hours ago, SnowyWhiteFox777 said:

Then how would you be able to complete the notebook?


I'm not following your question. The broom should already be in your notebook because you start with it.


Are you wondering because you'd need 3 brooms to get all 4 reactions? I've been seeing that people on pc are unlocking the achievement just by acquiring all dungeon items (merchant items are not included).  Currently tech dungeon item #17 isn't dropping on the ps4 and it needs to be fixed with a patch.


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