Is worth getting Fallout 3 on ps3?

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On 3/16/2021 at 0:34 PM, PhazePrime said:

I played the Xbox 360 version initially when it launched in 2008 and invested a number of hours into it and all of the DLC. I’m now doing my second 100% run on PS3 (first played around 2011 on an older PSN account). This second time around I’m having a much better time.

The first time I played on PS3 I experienced a number of sound issues, a few crashes, and like 1fps lag at a couple spots, especially in broken steel. Also I have the GOTY disc, and GNR radio would often play the end game radio broadcast, which would spoil a LOT for new players. But this second time around I’ve experienced none of these issues so far. 

If you have an Xbox, I highly recommend you play it there, because it just runs much so smoother. I also have it on PC, but I could never get to work right. I tried playing it around the time that Games for Windows Live was being discontinued, so I think the issues with that conflicted with my setup. Otherwise, I can't really comment on that version but the mods people run are pretty awesome.

So in my opinion, based on my experience, if the PS3 version is your only option to play it, or if you want trophies, go for it! Do NOT skip out on this game. The minor issues this port has is nothing compared to the worth of diving back into the Capital Wasteland again or for the first time. As someone who has played it over the past 12-13 years, the game still holds up very well. While the story won't blow your mind, this game is best enjoyed by immersing yourself in the alternate reality future it portrays and the expansive environment you can explore.


Now Fallout New Vegas is a different story. I played it on PS3 and PC over a period from 2014-2019, and I had numerous issues with both versions. The PS3 was definitely the worst. I had numerous crashes, just about every game session, and glitches kept me from enjoying much of that game. That one tends to be a fan favorite, but I think those people enjoyed a heavily modified PC version, or even the Xbox 360 version. I'd advise you stay away from the PS3 version unless you really want the trophies for it. 


I want to add to my previous post that I didn't run into any problems on my recent run until I reached the DLC. I think my game must have crashed about 20 times before I got that last trophy. With the core game, I didn't encounter many issues, maybe two freezes at max, and some audio glitches around the 50 hour mark. But the DLC has plenty of issues, feels like it was untested at times.

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