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Ikaruga coming to PS4


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24 minutes ago, grimydawg said:

Still got this on GameCube.  We need more Shoot em up love.  


Then I suggest you try Sine Mora - great shooter with very interesting gameplay mechanics. But the 100% is hard as balls to achieve ?


Never played Ikaruga myself but I heard a lot about it as being one of the greatest shmups ever, might get a try on it...


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12 minutes ago, FawltyPowers said:

Never heard of it until now, thanks for sharing.


I just watched the review on Switch and liked how smooth it looked, the light and dark aspect looks like a fun dynamic. Hope it's challenging.

All we can do is wait for the trophy list. And I don't mean this in a bad way but you May regret those words. Cause the game is very challenging. 

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Like others I played the GC version as well, I even remember the gaming mags telling you to flip your TV to play it - yeah right! This is a great concept executed pretty well, but I have a fair warning for anyone wanting to jump into it - this game is hard as balls. It's also really short as well, but you know, not a crime for this kinda game.


I really wanted them to make a sequel to this, this really is the peak of the shmup genre, even if it handed my ass to me time and again. Hopefully this will pull in a good amount of sales (though I really doubt it) and it will give them the confidence to follow up on it. I'd love to see them expand on this game and 'reinvent the wheel' again so to speak.


Even though I love this game, I'm on the fence about getting it again - it takes a lot of time and patience to git gud at it, and doesn't exactly work like other shmups!

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