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Why doesnt it show the DLC?

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So I 100% the base game lastnight (Very easy and probably a 5 hour 100% or so), and I noticed there was already DLC that isnt out yet, making it not a 100% of course. When looking at it here, I see that the DLC isnt listed on this version of the game, but it is on the other version. Anybody know why? Or was it just not updated on the site yet

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Here is the link for the "Barack-Fu" DLC in the PSN store. You can't just search for "Shaq-Fu" you have to search for "Barack-Fu"

Its a free DLC for the disc version only. Its pretty dumb that we have to search for the DLC by name and it's not attached to the game page and even more dumb that it's only for physical copies.



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