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Hoysala Tokens - Chapter Select

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I beat the game on Crushing and during my first playthrough I collected all Hoysala tokens, and got the Queen's Ruby, but I forgot the optional conversations and a photo in the monkey temple.  

I got all treasures from all chapters except a few in Chapters 4 so I'm replaying through it to get them. 

Big surprise once I got to the temple I have to re-collect all Tokens to open the the area again, despite having the Queen's Ruby on my arm..


I don't get it when you collect a treasure, the treasure is yours and when you replay the chapter it will not be there again, but apparently tokens are different and I have to get them all again just to open that door and get the conversations + photo.  


Is there any way around that? Maybe getting to the monkey temple another way, or do I have to recollect all Tokens again ( pretty long considering how huge the chapter is )

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@KRIEGLERR: I have just finished ch. 4 (first playthrough, all tokens=> ruby, all 19 treasures in the chapter, 1 conversation missed and a few pictures). If I understood well, you missed the conversation in the temple ? If you miss the picture (and maybe a talk, I am not sure) and the 3 treasures in the temple after the ruby, I am afraid you have to do the tokens again. One obvious remark: go straight to the temple so that you have the locations of the tokens (I did not do it, so I was completely roaming the map at first, good for the treasures but not so much for the Hoysala tokens)

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Anyway I got had to collect them all again to open the doors and get Conversations and Photo I missed.  

Btw I believe the photo can only be triggered after the conversations so if you're missing a photo and conversations in Chapter 4 it's probably those two.  

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